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Все об имплантах BellaGel (Белладжэл)

В наши дни, когда приходит время принимать решение о выборе имплантата для операции по увеличению груди, прежде всего, многие пациенты...
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Латеральная Кантопластика – операция, которая делает глаза большими и красивыми

Большие и яркие глаза всегда считались атрибутом красоты. Неудивительно, что существует множество процедур по увеличению глаз, таких как операция на...
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В чем разница между Ботоксом и Филлером?

Пациенты часто путают эти две процедуры, иногда заменяя одно другим. На самом деле, существует большая разница между Ботоксом и Филлером,...
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Побочные эффекты сетки PCL после ринопластики

Будьте осторожны при выборе новых и экспериментальных материалов для операции по носу! Синтетические материалы, обычно используемые для ринопластики, включают силиконовый...
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K-Beauty Trend

K-Beauty Trend: Love Your Skin with the Korean 10-Step Nightly Skincare Routine

Have you heard about the Korean 10-step skincare routine? Popular for some time in Korea and other nearby Asian countries,...
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korea medical tourism

Why South Korea Is the Best Destination for Cosmetic Medical Tourism

If you have found yourself considering traveling to South Korea to receive cosmetic procedures, you may already be aware of...
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Breast Surgery Complications

Correct Failed Breast Implant Procedures with Endoscopic Revision Breast Surgery

It may come as no surprise that many women the world over desire larger, perkier, shapely breasts.  According to the...
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non invasive surgery korea

South Korea Leads the Increase in Popularity of Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Trends Image: Facial Fat Contouring Example Throughout the years, cosmetic surgery procedures have increased dramatically worldwide...
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Non-incision undereye surgery in Seoul, Korea

Non-incision undereye surgery in Seoul, Korea: Eliminate pesky dark circles and undereye bags

The increased prominence of eye bags is one of the first telltale signs of aging. Afterall, as we communicate with...
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Breast Surgery in Seoul

How to Heal from Breast Surgery in Seoul: What You Need to Know

Steps to insure a healthy and speedy recovery after breast implant surgery abroad. Patients traveling to another country for breast...
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Thread Lift In Korea

What exactly is thread lifting? Revolutionary non-surgical, anti-aging treatment explained

Known for its instant anti-aging effects and minimal downtime, thread lifting is increasing in popularity around the world. But what...
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Most Popular Plastic Surgeries for K-Pop Stars!

It is no secret that K-Pop stars are under pressure to look the part. Clear skin, slim jawlines, and big...
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My eyes got much bigger by ptosis correction double eyelid surgery and my nose looks much slimmer and feminine! The big change is that my jaw line got slimmer naturally !

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