Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy in Korea

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy in Korea

Women who are aged in after 30s may have heard about stem cell regeneration treatment once or twice. Stem cell has been using for variety of medical fields as well as beauty industry. 

What Are Anti-Aging Stem Cells?

Stem cell is a undifferentiated cell, so it has a ability to differentiate to diverse tissues or organs. Also, this plays a pivotal role of repairing damaged cell or organs of the body. Also,  stem cell secretes many growth factors which help cells engraftment and vitalization.  

-main role of stem cell : cell regeneration, differentiation,  improvement on immune function, vitality of growth factor, blood vessel repair, a cure for damages on the body, an auto-regenerative ability

The Effect of Stem Cell Anti-Aging Therapy

-rejuvenation/differentiation of tissues
-modulation of immune system
-activation of glowing factors
-repair-therapy for damage in the body ( also, for scar tissue contracture)

By having stem cell anti-aging therapy, collagen, cellulose, elastin are activated. These results in brightening the skin tone, improvement on skin pigmentation and scar, enhancing skin elasticity, repairing anging process such as wrinkles. Also, when stem cells are mixed with fat for fat transfer, the survival rate significantly increases with regeneration of blood vessels.

Procedures with Stem Cell

As mentioned above, stem cell is used in the variety of medical fields. JW Plastic Surgery offers stem cell therapy with fat graft and aesthetic treatment.

How to Harvest Stem Cell at JW Plastic Surgery Korea

JW abstracts stem cell from patients’ own blood or fat depending on procedures and surgical part.

  • From fat – SmartX: To minimize cell damage and loss and reduce the possibility of contamination of cells by being exposed in Air.
  • From fat – HarvestJet2: It is possible to achieve enough amount of fat by making minimum length of incision. To increase the cell survival rate, JW uses Water jet method, which minimize cell damage during harvesting fat. Also, Lipocollector allows us to abstract pure stem cell in short period of time without being contamination. 

  • From blood – Smartprep2: It is possible to use the abstracted cells in 15 minutes by abstracting,  concentrating, and amplifying stem cell. Because patients can have the healthies cells and the length of procedure is shorter than other methods, recovery process is faster than others. Not only that, stem cell is not stored in a fridge, this method is safer and have better result.
*differences between harvesting from fat and the blood: Nowadays, more people prefer to harvest from blood because the procedure become simple and has faster recovery.

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