[JW Plastic Surgery Korea] Male Plastic Surgery in Korea

Before and After (B&A) pictures of Male Plastic Surgery

1st Patient:

Plans: Ptosis Correction Incision method + Rhinoplasty (silicone implant) + Tip Plasty + Alar reduction

Why : Always had problems with droopy and sleepy look
He wanted to improve his appereance by surgery due to their resume and interview.

Where: +JW Plastic Surgery Korea +JW Plastic Surgery Clinic

Results: Very satisfied results

2nd Patient:

Plans: Ptosis Correction incision method (double eyelids) + Rhinoplasty (silicone implant) + Tip Plasty + alar reduction + Lateral osteotomy (wide nose bone)

Why : He had a hard time since when he was young because of his wide and big nose

Where : +JW Plastic Surgery Korea +JW Plastic Surgery Clinic

Results: He is love his results !!!

What’s app or kakaotalk id: jwbeauty777 / jwps /jwbeautykr
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